Covid 19 & Your Child

What’s normally a hustling and bustling studio with so much life has never felt so lonely. But think positive, and once we are all back together, every day dancing will be a gift!

With that said, we’ve taken the necessary precautions to start our 2020/21 season. This is sanitizing and marking off the 6 feet distance on the studio floor.

1) To stagger foot- traffic and allow for cleaning, we will have 10 minutes between all back-to-back lessons.

2) At this point all classes will initially be capped at 6 dancers. Since we are a small school, this does not present a problem. But for some classes, extra classes will need to be created: first come – first serve.

3) Entering studio. We ask that you enter with a mask on and once the dancer is in the studio, it can be removed and hung up. It is up to the dancer and parent – if a student should wear a mask.

4) Waiting room – We ask that parents and siblings not sit in the waiting room.


Please be aware that our planning is based on the guidelines by the government and public health.