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Class styles


Ballet is a classical dance form made up of the most graceful and precise movements. Through formal gestures, steps and poses students learn to hold their head high, perfect their posture and perform traditional steps and combinations. Every position from simple to complex, demands movements of unimaginable agility, ability and beauty. Classes begin at age 3. 


Jazz is a style of dance that can be described as dynamic, rhythmical, surprising and entertaining. It involves strength, flexibility, and versatility. Dancers are challenged to develop large jumps and leaps, spins and turns, fluid connecting movements and a personality to go along with the nature of the music.


Tap dance is a form of dance categorized by rapid foot tapping movement. Dancers wear special shoes with metal plates on the heel and ball of the shoe, that, when tapped on the floor, make a distinctive percussive sound. Tap routines take intricate rhythmical patterns and syncopated phrasing and can be performed to a wide variety of musical styles. Classes begin at age 4. 


Acro dance combines classical dance technique with precise acrobatic elements. It is defined by athletics, unique choreography, and a seamless blending of dance and acrobatics. Dancers are challenged with tumbling and balancing movements. This style requires agility and skilful control of the body. Classes begin at age 4.


Lyrical dance combines the elements of ballet, modern and jazz dance, techniques. The choreography reflects the lyrics of the music through gestures and expressions. There is an emotional focus in lyrical, which is performed through the movement. Students wishing to take lyrical classes are encouraged to also study jazz and ballet.  Classes begin around the age of 10.


Hip Hop is a social dance style primarily danced to hip-hop music, and has really taken off over the last few years. It includes a wide range of styles notably, breaking, locking, and popping. Hip Hop dance is often freestyle in nature, energetic, and a fun and exciting style of dance. Classes begin at the age of 6. 


Musical Theatre is a form of theatre combining music, songs, spoken dialogue and dance. For students who enjoy drama as well as dance this is the class for you! You will learn about musicals and work to pieces that will develop a character and story. Classes begin at the age of 6.  


A fun dance inspired exercise class with latin dance influence,  you can let loose and burn calories while having a blast!

*We are unable to offer Zumba at this time.

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