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Creative Ballet ( 2.5 - 3 years old)

Ballet First Steps Ballet (4 years old) 

Pre- Primary Ballet ( 5years old) 

Primary Ballet (6 – 7 years old) 

B.A.T.D. Grade 1 Ballet (8+)

B.A.T.D Grade 2 Ballet 

B.A.T.D Grade 3 Ballet (Pre-Pointe)

B.A.T.D Grade 4 Ballet (& Pointe)

B..A.T.D Grade 5 Ballet (& Pointe)

Teenage Recreational Ballet

Acro Gymnatics

Acro Beginner (age 5 – 6) 

Acro Level 1 (age 7 – 8) 

Acro Level 2 (8 – 12) 

Senior Acro (experience necessary)

JAZZ/ Lyrical

Junior Jazz (7-10)

Intermediate Jazz/ Lyrical (age 11 - 13)

Senior Jazz/ Lyrical (experience necessary)


Hip Hop

Hip Hop Intermediate (7 to 12 years old) 

Senior Hip Hop (High School)

Funk Jazz/ Hip Hop (5 – 7 years old) 

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Intermediate (8 – 12 yrs old) 

Musical Theatre Senior (12 and Up)


Beginner Tap (5 – 8years old) 

Intermediate Tap (9 – 12years old) 

Adult Tap 

Gentle Chair Yoga (NEW!)

A program of gentle movements suitable for seniors and those with mobility limitations.


Registration for the Fall 2023/24 season is now over. Stay tuned or contact us to learn more about Winter class options!

If you are interested in joining a class, please contact us to see if there is any space availability in your class of choice. 

*Some classes listed on the left may not be currently running due to numbers. Please call if you have any questions or concerns regarding a class option.


For students interested in advancing their Acro skills, we are now offering group lessons partnered with Pegasus Cheer in Belleville, ON. 

Space is LIMITED, so please contact us if you are interested in taking part in this fun new experience!

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